Thursday, March 17, 2005


The man forbade me to go out
He says I'm sick, not allowed
to get out of bed either.
I keep staring at the insignificant shadows in my room.

That's the word he uses
when he talks about me.
I think I know what it means

Shadows are insignificant in thickness
they don't exist in the air
they just cover the surface of things;
the grass, the street, the earth.
Ice creams dipped in chocolate.

Night is the biggest shadow I know.
The man says I'm scared to death of the night
but I know it's just a shadow
lying on the surface of things.

I know I'm right because
I can see the stars.


blogworkorange said...

Me gustó mucho. Una pregunta. ¿Tú eres afganistaleño?

the ladybug transistor said...

la sombra uno no se la puede quitar, sino preguntale a peter pan.